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How Does An Emergency Electrician in London Make Your Home Better?

Here at V Fix Property Maintenance, you can ensure all aspects of electrical work are taken care of by hiring a reliable emergency electrician in London.

Our team of trade-accredited electricians can take care of all emergency and non-emergency electrical work around your home. Our services include inspecting, repairing, replacing, installing, and connecting all types of electrical equipment, such as wiring, fuse boards, switches and sockets, lighting, smart home systems, and security cameras. Our North London electrician services can be customised to suit both homeowners and landlords.

If you require any electrical services, book a free consultation today and benefit from our electricians' expert and extensive knowledge and experience. 
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Services provided by our London Electricians

Our experienced, trade-accredited electricians can help you with all kinds of electrical repair, replacement, and installation in your London home, including:

Electrical Inspections

We provide electrical inspections of family houses, apartments, blocks of flats and commercial buildings throughout Central and North London.

Electrical Installation

  • Installing interior lighting according to design and drawings
  • Fitting security CCTV cameras and fire alarm systems
  • Connecting home automation systems
  • Repairs and Replacement

    Our electricians can fix or replace fuse boards, domestic consumer units, sockets, switches, lights, wires, and other electrical components. Our electrical services also include completing necessary surveys and issuing safety certificates. 

    The Main Areas of General Electrical Maintenance

    As a responsible homeowner, it is essential to take proper care of your house, and home wiring and electrical appliances are no exception to that.

    If you take a reactionary approach when it comes to taking care of your electric system, you might end up spending a lot of money on serious repairs in the future.

    Electrical maintenance is a serious task, and the average homeowner should not do all these things alone.
    how does general electrical maintenance benefit me

    So what should you do if you are not well-versed in electrical maintenance? The best thing that you can do is to keep every electrical appliance properly maintained and serviced, and we at V Fix Property Maintenance can help you with that!

    We provide high-quality electrical maintenance services and will cover anything and everything that needs to be checked, repaired, or replaced.

    What is included in our general electrical maintenance service? It usually involves checking for structural integrity and internal stability of supply sources such as power outlets, surge protectors and lighting systems.

    Electrical generators, circuit breakers and switches are also meticulously checked by our team, and, if faults are discovered, we are always ready to perform repairs.

    In order to do our job properly, we will typically need access to the building specifications, blueprints, and wiring and equipment diagrams. This way, we can ensure that no part of the house is overlooked.

    We use only the finest equipment in our work so we can finish the job quickly and effectively. Among the valuable tools that we utilise are hand drills, pliers, screwdrivers, knives, pliers, and many more.

    The Advantages of Emergency Electrician in London

    Electrical maintenance is crucial to ensuring that all the electrical devices in your home run smoothly so that you can do your daily tasks without interruption.

    However, there can be times when your electrical appliances break down all of a sudden. This can be a huge problem, especially during the times when you need them the most.

    If you need something repaired immediately, you should speak with one of our emergency electricians, who can provide you with assistance right away.

    For instance, if your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) suddenly breaks during the summer, one of our emergency electricians can repair it before it creates further issues.

    If it doesn't get repaired immediately and you are living with a senior citizen, small children, or sick family members, it can result in great discomfort and even life-threatening situations.

    Another reason to call qualified London emergency electricians is if you notice faulty wiring. The heat from wiring can cause deterioration in protective coverings as time goes by. If it is not taken care of early on, it will eventually malfunction. When that happens, bare wires will come into contact with each other, potentially resulting in a house fire.

    You can prevent these accidents by looking out for the early signs of deterioration in your electric system. These include the tripping of switches, discoloured sockets and plugs, as well as occasional minor electrical shocks when either plugging in or touching an appliance.

    Never take your house's lighting for granted. Though they are mainly installed for the sake of aesthetics, they can also enhance your house's safety, particularly during the night.

    For example, they can easily deter burglars and thieves, who mostly operate during the dark. Your bulbs and lamps also light up the property, reducing the risk of accidents like tripping and slipping.

    A 24 hour emergency electrician should be called when it comes to fixing, fitting, and checking lighting fixtures for problems.

    Outdoor lighting requires regular checks and replacements, due to the ever-changing weather here in Britain. It is best to work with a professional electrician to ensure that your porches and walkways have sufficient lighting at all times.

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    Doing electrical checks and fixes by yourself can be quite tempting, and can give you a sense of accomplishment. However, it is not advisable to perform electrical maintenance on your own, especially if you lack the proper knowledge and training.

    Electrical repairs, fittings, and maintenance are best left to reliable and qualified electricians to ensure your safety. Not to mention that electrical maintenance can be a real hassle, so let us take the burden off your shoulders!

    Here at V Fix Property Maintenance, we have the right skills, experience, and knowledge needed to work on all kinds of electrical repairs.
    If you need a team of professionals for situations that require repairing or replacing switches, wires and fuse boards, as well as maintaining and fixing electrical devices in your house, we are the right emergency electricians to call.

    Get in touch with our helpful and friendly staff today by calling 02033021783 or email us at office@vfixmaintenance.co.uk. We’ll be glad to help you with any of your concerns!
    how much do emergency electrician services cost


    The average hourly rates that electricians charge may change depending on your location. For instance, if you are in Barnet, you may need to pay £100 per hour. However, in some areas in the UK, the rate is much lower: electricians in Berkhamsted may charge you £80 per hour; electricians in Berkshire may charge you £60 per hour, while those in Bradford charge £50 per hour.

    If you've Googled "where to find certified emergency electricians near me", a lot of results will show up from all sorts of companies. It’s crucial to request a professional license, just to be safe. Feel free to verify our credentials whenever you get in touch with us.

    The cost of installing extra plug sockets in the UK can vary, depending on the type of plug and how many hours it might take to install. For instance, a new double plug socket may take one to two hours to install and could cost from £100 to £300. A new single plug socket is usually much cheaper, costing £50 to £200 on average.

    Usually, a local emergency electrician charges £40 to £80 per hour for the installation of new light fixtures. If you have existing wiring, the fitting will cost just as much as you paid for the light itself. Most people pay between £120 and £410 to have light fixtures installed, and the average price is £330.

    The cost of rewiring a two-bed terraced house, including the bathroom and kitchen, can vary depending on location and the size of the property.
    For instance, a fast electrical wireman may charge between £2,300 and £3,500. If the job takes between five and eight days to complete, it commonly costs around £2,750. 

    It is expected and acceptable for rush electrical tradesmen to charge a call-out fee, especially in case of an emergency.

    Before hiring an emergency electrician from us, you may call in advance if you want to learn more. This is a huge help if you would like to confirm our license and insurance. You may also ask about our years of experience in this particular industry to have an idea about our skills and expertise.

    Most houses built in the 1970s do not need rewiring. Instead, they might need a consumer unit or earthing upgrade.
    However, if the house has been recently modernised and you notice signs of faulty electrical wiring, you need to have it replaced or fixed as soon as possible. If you're not sure how to check for electrical damages in an old property, you will need the assistance of an urgent electrical lineman. 

    3 Reasons Why The Switch Trips

    A switch trips for three main reasons: using too many electrical devices simultaneously; faulty home wiring; or damaged appliances.

    There are various ways to identify the main cause of a tripped switch.

    One way to do this is to find the faulty appliance by unplugging all of the electrical devices at home, then plugging them in again, one by one. If the switch trips when you plug in a particular appliance then you've identified the cause.

    Another method is to check your home wiring by pushing the reset button on the trip switch. If the switch trips, this means there is a fault in your home wiring.

    Lastly, check your trip switch or fuse box to see if either of them has a problem. You can do this by turning the fuse box off and then back on again. If there are problems present then the switch will likely trip.

    However, if these methods do not produce desirable results and the real problem still cannot be pinpointed, then call a London emergency electrician to have it repaired immediately.

    Our experienced, trade-accredited electricians can help you with all kinds of electrical repair, replacement, and installation in your London home, including:

    Tips For Making Your Home Electrical-Hazard Free

    Electrical appliances and cords can cause physical injuries or even fires. Looking for danger signs on all electric devices at home and hiring our urgent electrical services can save you from such disasters.

    For plugs and sockets, watch out for flickering lights or scorch marks, as these are signs of loose wiring. Overloaded sockets can also cause overheating.

    Check the cords to see if they are damaged or if the outer covering needs replacing. Always make sure that they’re positioned away from cookers, heat sources, or water.

    In addition, electrical appliances should not be left on overnight unless they are designed for it, like fridges or freezers.

    Most importantly, electrical appliances should be regularly maintained, especially those that contain motors, like washing machines. If they need immediate repair, we always have an emergency electrician in North London ready to provide speedy assistance to prevent further accidents.

    Things To Do During Electrical Accidents

    Electricity makes people's lives much more manageable by powering homes 24/7, which is why same-day electrical repair services are needed if your electrical wiring needs to be fixed immediately. If you overlook the issue, you’re risking an electrical accident happening.

    One common electrical accident that happens in residential properties is an electric shock, which can cause discomfort, severe burns, and even heart failure.

    If someone has been shocked, they may fall unconscious with strained breathing and a weak pulse. Avoid touching a shocked person, as an electric current may still be running through their body.

    What you need to do first is to turn off the main power to the house, to prevent more accidents from happening. Next, call for medical help as soon as you can and tell them about the electrical accident.

    When there is no longer an electric current running in the person's body, check their pulse and administer first aid. If you are not sure how to proceed, you can ask the emergency operator for guidance and they will give you detailed instructions.

    You can easily prevent such accidents from happening in the house by calling our emergency electricians in London to fix your faulty electrical appliances and wiring at the first sign of trouble.

    If you realise that your home wiring and electrical appliances need some repairs or general maintenance, don’t hesitate to call our qualified electricians and we’ll be happy to help!

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