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Our roofers have years of experience building, inspecting, repairing and restoring roofs throughout London.

If your roof is damaged or leaking, it might not be necessary to replace it with a new one. Roofing structures and components have been based on the same principle for thousands of years, and many repair methods are available. Our roofer North London services include reconstructions of pitched and flat roofs, such as installation or replacement of roof windows, renovating chimneys, fixing or changing gutters and downpipes. If you are not sure whether your roof can be repaired or will need to be replaced, request a consultation with one of our London roofers and benefit from their experience by letting them help you find the best solution for your roof renovation. 

Repair of a damaged pitched roof

Repairing pitched roofs is much easier than flat roofs. If the issue is only with the roof cladding and not the trusses, fixing it is usually relatively straightforward, and our London roofers should be able to repair it fast. However, it depends on the type of covering.

Concrete or fired ceramic tiles 
Repairing cracked pieces is simple. The most challenging task with this repair is undoubtedly finding the right type of roof tiles because some types made not be produced anymore. The surface finishes might be different, and the shades might vary according to current trends. When building a new roof, we recommend keeping a few pieces of tiles on the attic or in the cellar. They might come in handy someday.  However, if you do not have spare tiles, we will try to find the closest match. Having worked in the construction industry for over 15 years, we got to know many roofing suppliers and are therefore able to source countless different types of roofing materials.  

Asphalt coverings 
For asphalt coverings, their replacement is more complicated, as the individual pieces are glued together due to heat. Repair is usually faster and easier. 

Sheet metal coverings 
Working with sheet metal coverings is straightforward. If the covering is rusty, we recommend replacing it completely with a new one. It is also possible to replace only a part of the covering, here again, finding the same pattern and colour might be a challenge. However, with sheet metal coverings, it is possible to find a custom product and subsequent custom paint. During the reconstruction, the area surrounding the damaged piece is carefully disassembled, before being put back in place without causing damage.
Pitched roof restoration and Velux window fitting in North Londo

Repair of damaged flat roofs

Flat roofs are damaged most often due to the use of inferior materials or method of construction. With flat roofs, most problems are related to waterproof insulation. In other cases, water damage may be due to poor waterproofing around skylights, chimneys or attics.

With a classic flat roof stack with the waterproofing on top, covering the damaged area by another waterproof layer might solve problems with leaking. However, if the water is under the waterproofing, it will have to be removed, dried and replaced with a new layer. The determination of the damaged area is often complicated - there don't necessarily have to be visible cracks in the roof. 

For double-skin roofs, the repair is more complex and always depends on the type of damage. 
North London roofer fixing flat roof and fitting a skylight

Modification of roof layers

Thermal insulation is a common modification, especially for pitched roofs. In this type of reconstruction, our roofers would remove the roof covering up to the rafters, place thermal insulation between them before putting the original roofing back. The addition of thermal insulation lowers energy consumption and increases the value of the property.

Repair of roof trusses

If the trusses are damaged, it does not necessarily mean the entire roof cladding has to be replaced. Repair is possible and relatively inexpensive. Roof trusses can be reinforced. Our experienced team of carpenters in North London regularly replace individual truss elements with new ones. 

If you have a problem with your flat or pitched roof, we specialise in roof repairs, restoration and roof replacement in North London.

Roofing Services FAQ

If you have any questions regarding our London roofer services, do not hesitate to contact us!

If your roof is leaking, you will need a roofer to fix it. You might also consider our roofing services if your roof needs restoring. Roofers can also install Velux roof windows to bring more light into your home. 

If it's an emergency, we will dispatch one of our experienced roofers as soon as possible, typically within a couple of hours. In non-urgent cases, our roofer will be on his way the same or the next working day.

It depends on the size of the task. Replacing a few roof tiles will take a short time. Extensive repairs and restorations will take significantly longer.

Our roofer charges £50 per hour. In the case of a larger project, you can benefit from our daily rates, which are £300 for a full day.

Our roofers charge for the cost of tiles and materials they use unless the customer supplies them. They might also charge you for the cost of parking.

We cover Central London, North London, and North West London.

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