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Smart Home

Smart technology provides homeowners with comfort, convenience and energy efficiency by allowing them to control security systems, heating, and other appliances by a single app on their smartphone or tablet. 

Some smart systems monitor your home and switch appliances on and off accordingly. For example, if it start getting dark ourside, the smart technology will automatically turn the lights on. Smart home solutions offer many combinations, such as:

Smart Home Security 
With smart security cameras, you can use your smartphone to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Smart motion sensors are also able to detect movement and allow you to see who’s at your door or gate with a video link to your smartphone.

Heating And Air Conditioning
Smart thermostats allow users to schedule, monitor and remotely control home temperatures via a control panel or an app. Some smart thermostats can even learn the homeowners' behaviour patterns and automatically modify settings for maximum comfort and efficiency. When you are going away, you can set your heating to come on just before your return, which means you will come back to a warm home without wasting energy.

Smart lighting systems can be controlled remotely or can be set to recognise when occupants are in the room and adjust brightness automatically as required based on daylight availability.

Blinds and Curtains 
Smart blinds and curtains can open and close depending on the time of day and the temperature, draught-proofing your windows in winter and preventing your house from overheating in summer. 

Kitchen appliances
There are plenty of SMART kitchen appliances on the market. A smart coffee machine can prepare a fresh cup of coffee for you as soon as your alarm goes off. A smart fridge can keep track of expiration dates, make shopping lists and create recipes based on ingredients available.
Smart home app on a mobile phone

Automating your Home

What you can do yourself
Most smart kitchen appliances are designed to be easy to connect and operate, so you can start using them pretty much right away.

Another piece of smart technology that you might be able to install yourself is a smart doorbell, which connects with your smartphone via wi-fi, to allow you to see who is at your door even when you are away.

You can also easily automate a single light or a lamp by swapping a regular light bulb for a smart bulb. If you are looking to automate lights throughout the entire house, it might be cheaper to instal automated switches instead. We recommend that you hire a qualified electrician to upgrade your switches. 

What can your energy provider do
Most energy providers offer free smart metre installation, which will allow you to see your energy consumption, so you will know exactly how much energy you are using. It will also send your metre readings to your energy provider automatically, so you don't have to. Some energy providers can also install a smart thermostat for a small fee, allowing you to control your home temperature through a central panel or a smartphone app. Most central heating systems are compatible with smart thermostats, so you won't need to change your radiators. 

What can a handyman help you with
A handyman can help you install smart cordless blinds or curtains, while ensuring that they fit your windows or patio doors perfectly.
smart bulb that can be operated from a mobile phone

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